Energia Universal – Ion Capture Energy Generator
Investment Summary
Business Model: Electrical Energy Production (small to large applications)
Location: Empress – Ma, Brazil
Seeking Investment of: International Partnership, Manufacturing & Distribution Rights
Investor Return: Unknown
Per Unit Cost: $2,500 USD
Estimated Retail Cost: $5,500 USD (each unit estimated to produce 99 kWh)
Project Value: Beyond any discernible scope
Investment Insurance: No
Collateral: Intellectual Property
Company: Energia Universal
EBITA: Startup 2 (a)
Project Category/timing: Units are available for sale but are not being mass-produced
Management Team: Believed to be competent
Growth Potential: Almost Unlimited
Intellectual property: Brazilian, US & International patents
Environmental Concerns: No Known Emissions
Technology Summary: Ion Capture from earths electromagnetic field, similar to what Nicola Tesla claimed to have invented 100+ years ago and was constructing at Wardenclyffe, NY before financier JP Morgan allegedly destroyed it by fire.
Business Plan/financials: Unknown
Contact H. Skip Robinson – 561-596-1004 * hskiprob@gmail.com

This technology interests me because of several claims, that I have not personally verified, being made by the company and others that have interviewed the principles, Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal. The problem is they both only speak Portuguese, making communications for me impossible without an interpreter. They are reportedly claiming to get 96 kWh out of a unit that costs them $2,500.00 USD to make (not mass produced) and can sell for $5,500.00 which yields a phenomenal cost per kilowatt if capitalized, even over a modest period of say only 5 years, with the equipment, if maintained, easily lasting upwards of 40 years with minimal maintenance costs during that period. Even if a coil costs $1,000 to replace or repair, the cost per kWh is in the fractions of a penny. They are also claiming to have had two University validations done. They’re going to be rich men if they play there cards right and choose smart partners that understand how “uncooperative” the existing competition will be. After reportedly having two of their units confiscated by the local utility, hopefully they have learned a huge lesson.    



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