Technologies – Stage 1 & 2

All Technologies will be graded on the below aspects of their capitalization and life-cycles.  As an Example 2 (a)

The Five Stages Venture Capital Financing:

There are five common stages of venture capital financing:

1. The Seed stage

2. The Start-up stage

3. The Second stage

4. The Third stag

5. The Bridge/Pre-public stage

The Four Phases of the Technology Life-Cycle:

(a) The research and development (R&D) phase (sometimes called the “bleeding edge”) when incomes from inputs are negative and where the prospects of failure are high

(b) The ascent phase when out-of-pocket costs have been recovered and the technology begins to gather strength by going beyond some Point A on the TLC (sometimes called the “leading edge”)

(c) The maturity phase when gain is high and stable, the region, going into saturation, marked by M, and

(d) The decline (or decay phase), after a Point D, of reducing fortunes and utility of the technology.



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