eFuels, LLC – Recycling Used Tires
Investment Summary
Business Model: Phase 1. Plants Converts Used Tires To Carbon Black
Phase 2. Add (29) similar Plants in U.S.
Location: So. Carolina (land and building under contract)
Seeking Investment of: $3 million to $21.6 million, max 25% of project costs
Investor Return: Debt (ROI) or $25% Equity in Project
Return Total Project Cost: $80 million
Additional Equity Funding: State of N. Carolina bonds, $50.4 million/ 70% of project costs
Value when completed: $120 million to $300 million
Investment Insurance: Full or partial coverage through AIG – negotiable
Collateral: Land, Building & Plant Equipment
Company: eFuels, LLC and/or subsidiaries
EBITA: $20 Million for Phase 1
Project Category/timing: Startup / ready to begin / 6 month completion
Management Team: Experienced in engineering, finance and management
Growth Potential: Additional 29 US plants based on this plant design
Intellectual property: Yes, partial
Environmental Concerns: Approved by USEPA
Technology Summary: Pyrolysis works much like a pressure cooker. The tires are melted in a pressurized chamber and the primary materials including steel, pyrolysis oil and carbon black are separated and sold. Carbon Black is the most desired product with multiple uses. Pyrolysis oil is similar to bunker fuel. The steel is recycled.
Business Plan/financials Yes/Yes
Contact H. Skip Robinson – 561-596-1004 * hskiprob@gmail.com

I have personally worked extensively on the project, verifying much of the data, however that was a while ago and they appear to have made a number of significant changes. Some of the intellectual property involved is perhaps not patentable but surely proprietary which can be a good thing. The management team is pretty impressive both technologically and businesswise and have put together what I believe to be a no-brainer. They key to most financing/investment today is almost all the lenders/investors want cash from the entrepreneurial/ownership team and thus the reason this summary is placed on this site. They basically have 70% of the funding in place for the 1st project and thus need the other 30% in cash investment. Once up and running, I don’t believe they will have any problems going to institutional lenders for additional funding for their planned growth. Any investor who puts in the initial equity capital, will have a first right of refusal to continue to fund the proposed growth. They financial projections are phenomenal and the environmental benefits to the planet are very important and not just marketing fluff.  Used tires have created a huge problem all over the planet and this would not only solve many of the problems, it will help increase the supply of the much utilized offtake carbon black, use to make inks, plastics, carbon fiber and many many other products. One of the bi-products that is produced, a syngas, is actually utilized to assist in heating to run the plant, thus helping to offset the energy costs.

Back in the last 1970s when oil prices were soaring, the Hulton family, Bruce now being the CEO of eFuels, had to resort to using trash from the local community to run their textile plant in NY, giving his brother Walt the initial concept. Just another example of ingenuity often times being a result of necessity. Sadly, Walter recently passed away so he will not be able to see the fruits of the concept he envisioned.



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