Acts of Suppression

Pons and Fleshman

We now know that Stanley Ponds and Martin Fleischman most likely did achieve excess heat from a cold fusion reaction in their lab. Suppression and more accurately demonization/discrediting them by both the U.S. Government and various so-called experts from major Universities, as you will see in this video, was orchestrated through the main stream media.

With many other sources, both from various government, multiple universities and private companies now achieving cold fusion reactions, with multiple third-party evaluations, confirming excess heat, this technology was set back at least 35+ years.

Companies that are ready to come to the market with cold fusion are still having a difficult time getting money and major partners to take on their projects. The International Business Oligarchy has invested Trillions in current energy infrastructure and technologies and cold fusion is a game changer, estimated to reduce energy costs to the consumer by as much as 95%. Consider what effect a hotel owner would experience, if their $3,000 monthly electric bill was reduced to $157.89.   

This video is from the television program Phenomenon.  Just to a web search on suppression of free energy and you will be amazed at how much is going on.





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