Thank you for viewing the site. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs, investors and business professions the opportunity to improve the synergy necessary to meet our potentials.  We can do this by better communications and advancing technologies that are difficult to bring to market. If you don’t think there is an asserted effort by those at the highest levels of international commerce to shelve competitive technologies, than this site is not for you. We, however have a page dedicated to this behavior starting with the destruction of both Nicola Tesla’s lab and the Wardenclyffe, NY electrical transmission tower.

By providing summaries of the various technologies we can build a data base of idea where investors and business professionals can collaborate and assist entrepreneurs in bringing various technologies to the market. Please join us by subscribing to our website and helping to build a data base of both technologies and investors.

Privacy and Intellectual Property (IP) such as potential patents and trademarks protection are of great concern to all participants. By subscribing to the site you are agreeing to protect the privacy and intellectual property rights of those involved with this website/blog as well as the technologies and individuals themselves.

Please join us. 



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